Including The Groom S Personality In Wedding Planning

In my day I have been to many fantastic weddings. But the celebrations I remember the most are those that include the character and interests of the groom, not just the bride. After all, we are invited to participate in these special days to celebrate the union of two people. Why wouldn’t it be a good idea to include things that show the groom’s interests and passions, just like brides?

You might ask how you can include difficult hobbies, guitars, or sports on your wedding day and continue to give the lesson. There are many ways to do it and having a lot of fun. I will share the stories of two weddings that I attended and loved. With both weddings, you could clearly see and feel that you were there for the couple, not just one day for the bride to feel like a princess.

The first was September 28, 2002. I remember the date well because it was for a friend of mine that I have known since kindergarten. It was a fantastic fall afternoon in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania. The trees were filled with deep shades of red, gold, purple and orange. The instructions were specific until they said, “Once you get to the foot of Horse Valley, turn right at the wooden bridge and go three miles on the dirt road.” We ended up in the hut of the groom’s grandfather in the woods, the wedding took place in a pavilion that was next to the house. He was sitting on the bank of a huge lake that had mountains rising up on the opposite side that looked like they were painted in autumn hues. It was awesome!

At 6:10 pm the groom’s mother arrived and she made an announcement to the 70 guests who were about to start. We all sat down on wooden benches lined up along two very wide and deep steps that lead from the pavilion to a large landing area overlooking the lake.

To our surprise, the bride was the first to appear with her maid of honor. They came down from the hut and reached the landing and waited against the incredible backdrop of the mountains. For a few minutes I was a little confused. Where was the boyfriend? Then suddenly, on the other side of the lake, two people could be seen in canoes. It took a few minutes before they were close enough to see who they were, but sure enough, it was his Groom and Godfather! They docked the boat in the sand next to us and walked over, kissed her on the cheek and the ceremony began. It was the most romantic thing she had ever witnessed.

The second was for two of my very dear friends, he is a drummer and she is an artist. They had a very small, simple and relaxing wedding in Saint Lucia, a beautiful island in the West Indies. Sixteen of us joined them as they celebrated an incredibly beautiful and windy day at a cozy resort called Villa Beach Cottages. All the guests stayed together in a small group of beach huts on the evening of the wedding, we met by the pool near a beautiful white gazebo. Steel drums played with many funny tunes as we waited for the bride and groom to arrive. About fifteen minutes before the ceremony, the groom went out, he woke up very casual, in a white linen shirt and khakis, no shoes! He joined us for a fruit cocktail, Sea Breezes to be exact, and a few laughs before getting married.

When the ceremony began, we all gathered around a pretty ribbon that lay on the ground in a circle in front of the gazebo. The bride went out with her father in a very simple and airy white strapless dress that was accented with Swarovski crystals and, of course, no shoes! She wore the most amazing bouquet of Swarovski crystals. She looked absolutely stunning because under the sun, the crystals formed hundreds of rainbows that shone on her and everything around her. She also wore a Swarovski crystal tiara that seemed to sparkle on her head. When she arrived at her house with the groom, the officiant ordered us to collect the ribbon to make a ring that began with the maid of honor and ended with the best man. As the ceremony progressed, we passed their rings along the ribbon and blessed them with good news for the future spouses. It was really cool because we all felt we could really be a part of her special day.

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