French Press Coffee Style And Flavor For Your Coffee

The French style of coffee preparation produces a very rich, aromatic and tasty coffee. It uses very coarse ground coffee that basically sits in the brewing water for several minutes allowing all the flavors to be fully extracted from the ground coffee. Due to the filtration system there is always sediment that some people do not like.


A French press coffee maker has two parts: a straight-sided container usually made of glass and a filter plunger that pushes through the water to filter the coffee after it has been steeped. This plunger also acts as a lid. There are some French Press models that are insulated, which is helpful for keeping things warm while you prepare.

To make coffee with a French press, preheat the carafe while the water is boiling. When you’re ready, empty the carafe, add the coffee, and then add the brew water. You can mix the coffee grinders to make sure they are all in contact with the water. You now need to put the plunger / lid on the pot to help retain heat. DO NOT press it yet, it should rest for about four minutes (a little more or less depending on the roughness of the grinder).

When you feel that the coffee is sufficiently prepared, slowly push the plunger that catches the grounds at the bottom. Do not force the plunger. If you don’t want to go down, just lift the plunger slightly and try again. The filter can get clogged in grinders that are too fine. Take your time and it will work.

Despite what some may say, it is generally best to decant the coffee into an insulated pot. If you leave the coffee in the French press, it will stay in contact with the grinders and continue to brew. This will quickly ruin your coffee. The other main reason to serve coffee is to keep it warm. French Press pans are not well insulated and the coffee cools down very quickly.

Play with the preparation time and grind until you get the flavor that you like best. Once you have done that, you will have the tastiest coffee in the world.

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