A Truth About Acid Reflux Disease

First of all, acid reflux is not a disease. It is an acquired condition that can be completely cured by eating right. I wonder if people had acid reflux, intestinal disease, and heartburn a thousand years ago. I sincerely doubt it. I think it is a symptom of the quality of the food we eat today, our eating habits, and the stressful times we live in.

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People who eat fast food on the run cannot hope to enjoy proper digestion. Proper digestion requires chewing food well and not diluting digestive juices with liquids, the worst of which are carbonated beverages. And of course, all the fat associated with ready meals makes it worse. Most of the people who frequent fast food chains eat a hamburger with fries and a large soda. Employees are trained to offer refreshments to customers. They look at you like you’re crazy if you choose to skip the big soda.

People today are always in a hurry, they are always late, both parents work and go to those jobs. There seems to be no time to buy and prepare quality food. Children are forced to be self-sufficient from an early age. They prepare their own meals by microwaving foods that have little nutritional value and are loaded with sodium and fat.

We are raising a generation of future acid reflux. Parents should not bring junk food to eat in the office. It’s no wonder so many people suffer from acid reflux. I’m sure Big Pharma is excited about future sales prospects.

The medical community wants us to believe that only prescription drugs are the answer to indigestion symptoms. Obviously this is not true. Antacids are a temporary fix at best and loaded with harmful ingredients like sodium and aluminum. PPI (proton pump inhibitor) drugs like Nexium and Prilosec should only be used for up to eight weeks. It says it directly on the package, but after eight weeks, what should we do? Also, these drugs only mask and hide symptoms and have hundreds of harmful side effects. They do not cure the condition! They make pharmacists rich only at our expense!

I suffered from acute GERD. I confess that I also ate in a hurry. I have not chewed my food properly. I took it all with soda and got addicted to a PPI drug: that purple pill. It was so easy and convenient. I could abuse my body and not suffer it. I thought the drug was my salvation until that illusion hit me.

After several years of taking this drug, my condition worsened and I was told to double the dose. I started to feel lazy and tired. My eyesight suffered and my blood pressure skyrocketed. I realized that these were probably side effects of this PPI drug. Was he suffering from malnutrition? How does the body digest and assimilate food without stomach acid?

I did a computer search and found there were hundreds of possible side effects. I was surprised by what I found! I was hurting my body and wanted to stop taking this drug! But when I tried to stop taking the PPI, the acid pumps, which had been turned off, went haywire and produced more acid than ever.

I cannot tell you how much I have suffered. My esophagus was constantly burning and I was afraid of permanent damage. I couldn’t sleep at night. He was afraid to eat or drink anything except water. My friends did not understand my problem. They called and said, “Let’s go barbecue in the Southwest.” Obviously I couldn’t. I enjoyed eating hot chili peppers sprinkled with raw onions and jack cheese, but now it was my worst nightmare. My life was getting unbearable!

He was determined to overcome this disease. My doctor couldn’t help me, no one could tell me what to do. I had to heal myself. I devoted myself entirely to finding the answers. I have studied and researched. I wanted to discover naturopathic treatments instead of drugs. I looked everywhere for natural remedies that could actually cure acid reflux. I have tried every possible remedy and every healthy diet I have come across. I got myself a virtual guinea pig.

Finally, I discovered that the answers to the problem of acid reflux are actually very simple. With a few lifestyle changes and the help of natural remedies, you can absolutely beat acid reflux syndrome without the use of medications.

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